A good Starter IR camera?

Hi guys, newbie here and trying to get all my crap together to get started. Obviously I am trying to keep my start up expenses at a reasonable level and an IR camera in the 5-10K range is out of the question. Obviously it isn’t necessary to have IR to do inpsections but going through the NACHI IR training it seems to be a real bonus to have. The low end FLIR E5 & E6 are more in my budget but would this be a wasted investment? Should I wait and invest in a better camera later?

I bought an E5 as I wanted to get started but did not want to spend a ton to see if it worked for me. It has worked well, it has given what I expected.

Take the time to talk to John McKenna. He’ll go over the features you need specific to what you want to do with the camera. I went with the E8 after discussions with him (and I was actually looking at more expensive models).