Looking into Thermal Imaging

I am just getting started but have had several realtors ask me about IR in my reports. I was hoping not to make a big investment into this upfront until I was more established but now am thinking I might need to. I am looking for recommendations an the best camera to buy and what training I should be getting started on. I also understand there is a wide price range on these cameras but I would prefer to do it right and spend the money once upfront rather than buy just enough to get by.

Offer Robert $2500 for his E60BX. Fair price for a quality, older, second hand, pro-class, workhorse imager IMO.

Then invest in professional training. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish.

Have a business plan, because if you do not have a plan to make money with infrared, I promise that you will not.

Agree with Chuck!

I would recommend that you get training first, before you buy a camera, so that you understand what some IR cameras can and cannot do… and how to use it. That way, your not buying a camera based on my ideas, but with the understanding you will gain from a proper training course.

That camera should do anything he wants to do at this point.

If you make it to Lvl III in 5 yrs, you’ll need a new camera anyway…

If you are anywhere near Buffalo NY, the company I just resigned from is hosting a level 1 certification next week. It is going to be weird spending a week there.