A Little Help

Can some electrical gurus help me out with this one…
This house had aluminum wiring that appeared to big for the 15 amp breaker, and aluminum wiring had a neutral splice from a wire nut…

Any suggestions on how to write this up?

summer 012.jpg

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12 awg. aluminum wire is to be fused at 15 amps max.
10 awg. aluminum wire is to be fused at 20 amps max.
The wirenut should be UL listed for aluminum, or CO/ALR rated if both are present. It also needs anti-corrosion inhibiting compound (No-Alox)applied to it. I’m guessing that the splice is to repair a neutral/bus connection that went bad. Carefully check along the neutral busbar for signs of overheating.

The way I understand it is, too big a wire…not a problem…too small = that’s a problem. Plus what Randall said about the inhibiting compound and wirenut.

Howdy All,

Just popping around and figured I would comment…remember the NEC allows the use of something like No-Alox but does not require it.

The only problem I can see is if that is Aluminum coming in and spliced with a smaller copper pigtail…that AL looks larger like #6 or something making it not a normal 15A or 20A conductor…it could be something MUCH larger…while principles will apply…sure seems small to me.

But alas…it could be a picture thing…Also I would personally have them identify the larger conductor in case someone comes along and removes the pigtail…but again…just my observations.

Thanks To All for the comments…