A NACHI Chapter Head Alert from PRO-LAB: Don't be fooled!


Don’t Be Fooled

It has come to our attention that a certain “Training Organization” is offering classes stating that are they are a continuation of classes that were previously taught by PRO-LAB. This is not true.

Learn From The Master

All PRO-LAB® courses have been written and designed by John D. Shane, PhD, Vice President of Laboratory services at PRO-LAB®. Since Dr. Shane is the Nations leading authority on Mold and Indoor Air Quality, each class is designed to give our students an accurate, unbiased learning experience using factual information and State of the Art methodology. Knowledge is power.

100% Satisfaction

PRO-LAB has pioneered the concept of bringing “Class A”, affordable education to every market in country. In the past 12 months, we have taught over 100 classes in over 46 states with a 100% Satisfaction rate. PRO-LAB® classes are brought to Home Inspectors at about half the cost of other organizations. The reduced price of our education is a testimonial to PRO-LAB’s unwavering commitment to re-invest in the Home Inspection Industry.

Free Membership Benefits

*Why buy what you can get for free with PRO-LAB. Other Organizations charge as much as $345 for membership with minimal benefits. PRO-LAB offers the same benefits plus much more for absolutely nothing. *

***Note: *PRO-LAB is the only Environmental Education provider approved for NACHI Mold E& O Insurance

Classes Provided By PRO-LAB®

IMT – Initial Mold Training – 8 hours
AMT – Advanced mold Training – 8 hour
AS – Allergen Screening and Inspecting – 4 or 8 hour
RAD – Radon Training with National Exam – 8 or 16 hour
AM – Advanced Marketing (Nick Gramico and Doug Caprio) – 8 hour
MRT – Mold remediation Training – 8 hour

Schedule A Class In Your Area

E-MAIL Doug Caprio at dcaprio@reliablelab.com or call 800-427-0550 ext 233.


Nick, am I missing something?

I was under the understanding that ESA was an approved Environmental Provider way before ProLab?

Did something happen to change that?

Seems not everyone agrees with NACHI’s bedpartner Pro-Lab’s position on this: