A novice in need of some advice

I have recently bought a 30 year old bungalow and have torn it down to make way for a two storey home. I am not a professional contractor, just an investor that saw an opportunity. I have hired various professionals for different aspects of the home. But, I’m growing concerned about the roofing situation seeing that I’ve yet to find a contractor.

Can anyone advise me as what to look for, in terms of certification as well as what the right questions are to ask to assure I have the right person for the job?

Thanks in advance.

Consider hiring a project manager, or perhaps a senior architectural technology student to assist you.

There are far too many variables, and certainly someone with experience of renovations that can help steer you away from the problem areas.

Many home inspectors can help, they usually know the good contractors in the area and might even watch it go up for you…

Where are you located and what type of roofing are you thinking of having applied?

Knowing these things may help someone in your area give you additional advice.

With all due respect it sounds like you might be in over your head.
Managing a construction project is not easy.
You describe yourself as an investor and if so that’s what you should be.
You should avoid trying to manage the construction unless you have background as such.

Sorry for the frank talk but please play to your strengths and let others do the rest.

Thomas, where’s the fun if not playing at construction? Don’t you enjoy inspecting homes by new investor flipper types? Aren’t they a challenge to you on write ups? :slight_smile:

Jamie, you have done well to join INACHI and get shortcuts on what a GC should inspect for. It isn’t enough though.

He hasn’t “joined”… he’s a non-member!

I tend to agree with Thomas. Be the investor. Hire a GC.

“Only two people will take a watch apart. A jeweler and an idiot.”

I agree Jaimie. Finding qualified subs can be difficult. You don’t want to be looking on craigslist. You’ll save money by hiring someone who knows the good local subs from the bad to oversee the project. You may be able to find a qualified inspector to inspect work once it’s done, but it’s better to get people on the job who know what they’re doing than to hire someone to spot the bad work and have to have it torn out and re-done.

Check your area for a roofing business association. state, national, provincial, whatever, find the biggest one (has the most members) and a warranty program for members, do some research (eg google ‘xyz sucks’ check BBB etc) and choose the roofer that is going to be the biggest and safest with the best warranty, chances are they won’t be cheapest. Ask for references talk to their clients or visit locations of jobs they have done recently.