A NY Chapter Meeting With A Twist!

I received this in an email today from NACHI Headquarters. I can hardly wait for the appetizers.

Great Website though. http://www.nachifingerlakes.org/page2.php

Hi! John;
Sounds like your going to a weight watchers meeting ???

Now that isn’t such a bad idea is it? LOL

It does, doesn’t it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Greg is right, I do need it.

Is that fried snake strips in canola oil with a light coating of sesame seeds?:shock: Wonder if they taste like chicken?


Now I’m curious. What do “Heavy snakes” taste like? I’d rathar have Yogurt. yukkkkkk!!!

Carp fried in SAE 30 :mrgreen:

Maybe they could show a movie as well?

(bet everyone knows what is coming)

Perhaps, “Snakes on a plane”?

See you there! … maybe we can get a group rate for weight watchers;)

Yep your right Paul, it taste just like deep fried chicken. :smiley: