A Question about bath tubs

(Sid Walch) #1

Just wandering how many out there fill every bath tub to the overflow drain to check it out? I think that would take a lot of time and water when there are two or more tubs. I've heard of stories when the overflow drain is not hooked up properly but should we test everyone?
Thanks for your input

(Stephen Enomoto) #2

Tubs no. Sinks and vanity basins yes. Have found many clogged and leaky overflow drains,

(Jeff Merritt) #3

I only fill up whirlpool to test jet pump.

(Michael W. Gault) #4

Same as both above... Tubs no, check the stopper. Sinks, fill 'em up...:)

(Harvey Gordon, MRSA651) #5

I do...although I recommend that you watch it closely!

(Russel Ray) #6

Bathtubs, no. Sinks, yes. Spa tubs, only enough water to test the jets.

(system) #7

Never bathtubs, most of the times, sinks. If the overflow on a bathtub leaks, it may take some time before it starts to work through the ceiling below.