A Real MAN

New POW video of McCain


I’m deeply proud of that man, I don’t care what the nay-sayers and Obamites say about him.

He’s a HERO in my book.

When I went thru S.E.R.E. training, we were only in a POW camp for about 3 days. There were people who broke in that short period of time. I can not begin to imagine how these men stood up under the extreme tortures and lack of basic human comforts for years on end. Anyone that diminishes their sacrifices ought to be horse whipped in the public square. I have met and served with a few of them over the years and they are all outstanding individuals and some of the most humble men you will ever meet. Yes, they are all heros. Those that fail to see that or deny it will never understand it. Something is lacking in their own character that prevents them from recognizing the mettle of these men.