A Special Thank You!

I just wanted to take this time to thank the staff at InterNACHI specifically Kate Tarasenko, She is a perfect example of why this is the best organization in the World, I am so happy I joined. Anyway last night I was working on a email campaigned that I could send out to realtors so I asked Nick if there was a template that Nachi uses, there was not. Until Kate Tarasenko on a Sunday evening, long after normal working hours not only gave me some great advice, she actually took the time to re write my entire email and make it ready to send, all this in less than 30 minutes of me just asking the question. Thank you again Kate and Thank you InterNACHI, you have secured a loyal member.

Jack Bennett
Bennett Home Inspections

Jack Bennett CPI
Bennett Home Inspections
Ontario, Canada


Very cool.
kudos to Kate.

The people of InterNACHI never fail to amaze me. All I have came in contact with have always been great.

Kate has always been very helpful … and very good at what she does. We are lucky to have her.

InterNACHI’s staffers are great.


Thank you, John, and thanks, everybody, for the nice shout-out! Your kind appreciation definitely makes the work more fun! \:D/