AAV installation at kitchen sink

An AAV is installed at the kitchen sink. I think this valve is too low and should be higher than the sink drain line. Am I correct in this?

Thanks, so going by your illustrations, it looks like the valve needs to be at least 4" above the sink drain line.

Uh No look again

Maybe I’m being confused by the drain line from the double sink but it looks like it should be above the drain line from the sinks. If it was just the single sink as in your illustration, it would be fine.

No difference

Should be at least 4 inches above the waste arm to which it’s attached.

Ok, I think I got it. Thanks for your help guys

That photo shows a mechanical vent, not an AAV. They perform the same function, but are different devices using different designs and parts.

Mechanical vents aren’t rated for use in most building codes (they are allowed in manufactured “mobile” homes).


I have in my life only one crayfish installed. but then, as it were the hole should be higher for good drainage.Look at them on the scheme website http://bit.ly/28UWaSe . well, or ask support. they helped me.good luck

The valve in the “AAV” link directs to an Oatey valve document that is different from the valve which is in the picture so I am not sure that the information is properly represented. The other concern is that there does not appear to be any thread sealant on the valve connected to the drain in the same picture. My experience with the oatey valves is that they do leak sewer gas from time to time so I have searched for an air admittance valve that would prevent sewer odor from coming out. I also tried the studor valve and had the same problem with sewer odor leaking out from time to time. I threaded a cap into the drain connection and the sewer odor went away so as to be sure that it was in fact the air admittance valves that were causing the sewer gas odor that I was smelling. I have been in search of a valve that would be able to allow air into the system when needed and prevents sewer gas odor from leaking 100 percent of the time. I came across a tuuber dual seal air admittance valve and so far so good. Any thoughts on this?