AAV on sump discharge?

Exterior AAV I believe was on the sump discharge. Why? Anyone ever seen an install like this? Comments and/or narratives welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Are you sure?
One thing it will be useless in another snow or two covered up.
I would comment to evaluated and repair by a plumber short and sweet.

I see sumps all the time, and I can honestly say I have never seen a sump discharge quite like that. Are you positive that is what it is? Are you saying the sump is actually discharging through that valve? AAV’s don’t operate that way. One way the wrong way, and no way it could handle the flow. Must be a custom valve made for that purpose. Reminds me of a sink air gap. Very interesting.

Not to mention freezing up/ice with that small outlet.

Not 100%, but pretty sure. Nothing short of digging it up or scoping it with a video snake, it was right in line with the basment sump line which exited the basement wall.

No it wasn’t discharging out the vent. The line was about 2 or 3 ft below this, which I’m assuming there’s a tee or wye with a riser and then this vent. Where it discharged to, I have no clue.

That makes a little sense… kinda.

If it has a long discharge distance, they may have installed it sort of as a “vacume break” to help prevent drainback. Don’t see thouogh how this would work any batter than a check valve in the vertical section of discharge piping. Did it have a check valve installed?


That could be your answer.

If you ever find out for sure, let us know.

It would have been easier to install a check valve lol

And probably about the same $$. Heck, they both have about the same lifespan to boot, the check valve prolly longer due to not being exposed to the elements such as snow/ice!