Abandoned Circuit Wires in Electrical Panel

I’m a greenhorn HI… my first pair of inspections both had wires from abandoned circuits in the electrical panel. Wires were not live… but they also were not labeled or capped with wire nuts. Is this SOP?

Who cares if it’s in the SOP, not sure what that even means? Regardless, a simple comment about abandoned wires, location in the panel, would suffice don’t you think? I have a general narrative about abandoned wires, simply saying to properly terminate. I then just add location e.g. panel, SW exterior soffit, etc. Easy peasy.

One other note, sometimes electricians purposely run wires to the panel for future use.

Clarification - I was trying to determine if leaving unterminated wires in the main electrical panel was standard operating procedure for electricians because I found the same issue at different homes.

No big deal.
How can you be sure it was an electrician it could be the home owner .
What colour are the wires example Red pairs are frequently for electric heaters .
They might have put in a furnace and no longer have heaters .
Yes covering the wire ends would have been a good idea .
I wonder how you found this in various homes are you a home inspector ?? If yes I do recommend you get more training big TIME .
Why do you not use your name and location .
Why have you not joined NACHI

Thank you for your reply. As I mentioned in my original post - I am new to the HI industry. I am licensed and a proud member of InterNACHI. I hope to continue learning through out my new career.

Sincerely- thank you for you suggestions.