Pulled Wires in the Main Electrical Panel?

Are these pulled wires a write up ?
Should I refer it for further evaluation by a Licensed ed Electrical Contractor ? Or is it safe the way it is ?

Is the grommet secure ?
Is there any bare wire showing ?
If not! It is fine.
I would have preferred a wire nut on those ends, but tape is OK.


Pulled wires? Is that like “pulled pork”?


Thanks …for the info

Bob … I’m in California. I need to know if this is an this EO violation.

How about a pic of the entire panel?

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Those wires do not look like they are in a conduit or a cable. The clamp does not look like any clamp I have seen.

From CA, it looks like those wires are not electrified. I would verify with a voltage detector… In which case, I might just mention that there were abandoned conductors in the panel.


They would be considered as a spare, and stingy with the conductor length,plus the NM connector is not correct, (too small) the Siemens breaker in a BR or Challenger panel is a issue, the grounding & neutral under the same screw is a major issue.

I wouldn’t worry about it.


What, the Siemens and Westinghouse breakers together/

No the question asked in the thread title “pulled wires in the main electrical panel?”.


If you mix Siemens and Westinghouse you get Federal Pacific!


1: Are the hot?
2: I thought wire nuts are required on exposed circuit cable terminations unless wire nut size is an exception? Then tape can be used.

It’s not a “defect” in of itself.
But it’s something the buyer should be aware of: some sort of unfinished project. You should be alert not to the wires, but to whatever other nonsense might have come with the wires.


diddo… no biggie

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I sometimes see that when a hot tub was removed. In the unlikely event that those wires are energized, then they are a very big deal. Otherwise, I don’t even bother to mention them.

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I would assume not. This appears to be a service panel so it’s highly unlikely that someone ran “hot” conductors from another source into this panel. They’re taped off and just abandoned in place.

  1. No.
  2. No.
  3. Yes.
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Thanks for all the Feed back … I went to Google for NEC info.
Its says abandon conductors should be tagged …
I wrote it up for further evaluation by a licensed electrician to determine
what should be done with the abandoned conductors for Electrical safety.