About 5 million home inspections every year

Home sales have been nearly 5 million annually since 2000:

In 2010, new home sales: 323,000 and existing home sales: 4,309,000.

And DOE’s NREL states that home inspectors do about 5 million home inspections:

According to study conducted by NAR (National Assoc. of REALTORS®), “eighty-four (84%) percent of buyers requested a home inspection as part of the purchase contract.” http://www.realtor.org/field-guides/field-guide-to-home-inspections
Almost all REALTORS® (99%) recommend a home buyer to have a home inspection.

Most U.S. homes that are bought and sold are inspected by home inspectors.

That’s at a rate of about 5 million every year (give or take).

Nice stat Ben, but to add to that, it does not include any ancillary inspections and limited types, if you added all those up well… it only gets better. Now we just need to cut back on anymore new inspectors:shock:


Never here; the more the better!

Not accurate. In the county I live in, over 1,000 homes get sold in a month. In the greater KC area, the area I work and market, It is about 3,500 homes sold in a month. As a CMI, I am only doing about 20 inspections a month. There are only 2 other CMI’s in the KC area. All three of us are the only CMI’S that I know of still doing home inspections in Kansas.

We should be busy every hour of the day. Not here. It is perhaps the $149 home inspectors that are getting all of the business. This subject has been discussed here many times. IMO, the home sales to home inspection ratio is about one third, or even less. Figures may be stating termite, which is required with most loan applications. Most appraisers are reporting defects to lenders, so home inspection services here are not required, or not requested by home buyers, since appraisers report defects anyway. Sad.

5,000,000 may be enough for all the Florida inspectors but what is the rest of the country going to do for work?