California June Home Sales

California reported an estimated 44,167 home sales in June. July report is coming out tomorrow. Just out of curiosity… how many working home inspectors are there in the State of California and how many Internachi home inspectors are there?

Inspectors? Hundreds of thousands.
Working? Not so many.

Google… list

Thirty three million eight hundred and seventy thousand people live in Calif.

44,167 home sales in June. Ouch:shock: Thats some sad numbers.

A not all of these get home inspection.

Other factors can be behind these number. Each time a bank take back a home it is counted as a transaction or a sale because the property has a new owner. ( THE BANK )



and I only inspected 0.1% of them :frowning:

I guess I am at 0.05% as we have had an influx of inspectors in the NorCal area.

Tim takes second with 0.0999 :slight_smile:

I think there’s to be more activity with increased sales and inventory before too long…

More inspectors coming soon too! It’ll be a party.

There were bazillions of guys inspecting in the Greater LA area in the late 90’s and early 2000’s when the market was busier.

Comes and goes, some people will justify spending the extra money for an experienced, solid professional, some will just call the $149/$199 guy (up to 3000sf) and go from there.

Despite the popular thinking of inspectors, sometimes a good RE professional is going to be the one to explain to their client that he or she should look for a qualified professional and not some “hack”

We as inspectors don’t always know what’s gone on behind the scenes prior to receiving a call.

Decimal point in the wrong place, eh Jeff? :cool:

Push it to the right a bit and I’ll be done for the year. . . :smiley: