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Hi fellow inspectors. kinda sorta new to this, but how do you all send pictures with your digital reports? i have been using my own method of: put from camera onto my computer, go through and rename all the pics, use the snipping tool to cut/copy/paste them into my report.

is thjere an easier way? can i not just rename them and send the whole file to the client instead of the copy/paste method?

or is there another/better way you all know or use?

thanks! !~ Mike

Welcome Mike!

Are you using a report writing software or is your report self created?

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self created, using word docs and pdf. i found it was easier and more user friendly over the inspection software i was using

I’m sure there are some others here doing the same. Hopefully they can help. One reason I chose an inspection software is so I didn’t have to do what your doing. :wink:


it does not actually sound easier or user friendly, buy some inspector software is the obvious answer


Most of us use software that allows picture insertion. Word allows picture insertion and you can resize on the fly (after insertion). Word 10 and later should allow you to create forms with insertion points for pictures, only drawback is nothing to edit the pictures. You’d then convert to pdf before sending to client. Acrobat pro is about the easiest way to make forms, and will allow placeholders for pictures, but again no picture editing (arrows and circles and such.

Easiest way to go is software designed foer home inspections. Try https://www.bestinspectors.net/

That must take forever


Just about any inspection software is going to be easier than what your doing. There’s a reason why inspectors spend a few bucks on software.


your determination is admirable, but i highly suggest report software if you want to make money AND have free time. this day and age - if you’re not automating everything you can, you’ll be striving for adequacy.

i’m team spectora. i think its very impressive and ultimately pays for itself with the amount of time you save.


I’ve been using a self-created MS Word template for 20 years and it takes some tweaking and education but can be pretty quick once you learn it. I move the SD Card from my camera to my laptop, then insert the pictures from there. I find no reason to rename the files since that doesn’t insert with the picture anyway. If the comment next to the picture(s) isn’t sufficient I can use arrows, circles and/or text boxes right on top of the picture. I attached my sample report for comparison to see what 20 years of screwing around with MS Word can result in (from an older guy with minimal computer skills). ILHI Sample Report.0621A.pdf (1.8 MB)


I use a Pixel phone, and get an online gallery. This gives me pretty easy drag and drop for inserting pictures, or presenting the photos in various ways. The pictures sync to the cloud within seconds of hitting my office WiFi.

In the field, after taking a picture, I speak to my phone to write comments (THIS does cause some raised eyebrows). Two taps and I’m good to start narrating the photo, should I feel I need a jog to my own memory.

I write the report after reflection, and do not wish to “write in the field”

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Hello Mike -
I’ve been all iPad for years. But back in the day, I also did the word doc and camera routine. I cannot imagine any realtors or clients so much as even accepting such a report anymore.
May I suggest respectfully - in doing what you’re doing - you are spending a lot of time producing what is likely a visually non-pro product. You may want to consider a professional reporting program or system. And you may find it life changing.

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I use and recommend Spectora and Home Gauge. Spectora easy to learn and use, server based. If you modify a report after completing it, no need to resend as the clients link will update. Great for house, four points, wind and WDO.

HomeGauge is a PDF report, works good and templates easy to use. Check them out, likely able to perform a report or few as a trial.

The software you were using was probably not that great if cutting and pasting into a word document is easier. Read this: Home Inspection Software App Review - 5 Best Software for Home Inspectors


I did the same thing you are doing about twenty years ago. Sometimes the report would take much longer than the inspection. I use HomeGauge now. The pictures are automatically inserted into the proper section of the report when you take them. I don’t know anything about the online report writing software that HomeGauge has now. I stayed with the desktop version. There is no way I can tell you how many hundreds or thousands of hours switching has saved me, and my customers get a better report. Most if not all HI software companies have a free trial. If you are able to do what you are doing you won’t have any trouble learning how to use whatever software you choose. Since you are new, switch now and save yourself alot of time and aggravation. The report your customers receive being easily understood is invaluable to the success of your new business.

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That’s impressive.

I also use a Word template that I created myself. I upload the photos to my laptop and simply drag and drop photos into a text box. The photos resize automatically.

you can also check out Inspector Nexus
You get free trial and pay per report.

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matt fellman mfellman I’ve been looking for a basic like this, now I’m inspired. This is clean, concise, and informative. Any other info is “fluff” to pad a report. Love it!

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