I found a better report system!



I though that guy lost his house in an explosion of Volcanic ash???:cool:

So basically a word document? Wow. I would have never thought of that. One of my reports would run circles around a paper document. Mine have 50+ pages and 75+ photos, which one would you hire?

That report is AWESOME…I hear he is going to do it on an ETCH A SKETCH…this way you can write the report, they can read it and you can shake it up and start all over again. Think of the paper you will save and there is no proof of your report.

The dumb inspectors using thermal infrared, computers, cameras, they are just selling snake oil! All you need is an outlet tester, flashlight, and two screwdrivers…thats they way my grand pappy did it…

Where has this guy been hiding for my whole career? :mrgreen::mrgreen:

I made the mistake of buying his book about six years ago (I didn’t buy his forms). It was a terrible. Most content was little more than a list of entries for you to write into his form for various observations you might make. I think it was the only book that I ever went through the effort to return to Amazon to get my money back. Wrote a scathing review, which mysteriously vanished.

Wow…I just stopped and really read what you wrote. It SUCKED so bad you spent about 1.5 hours of your life to return the book…wow that must have really sucked!

Is he an ASHI inspector? I think I remember seeing him on TV selling a sham-wow.

Lol :nachi:

I’m ashamed to say it, but I bought his forms in '04. Took one look at them and filed them under CS! The worst thing, is they were supposed to be to ASHI standards. pretty low standards. Must dig them out some time and send them to someone…not too sure who yet.

Does anyone use INSPECTit narrative software by AHIT www.ahit.com? It’s basically a word file that is macro driven and customizable.

Newbie question…Nick Gromicko has been great,he’s forwarded me a standard 4 pt inspection form that is an insurance industry approved form for Florida,plus he sent me the new 12/2009 mitigation report.

Hence my question,what software program will allow me the ability to add these two reports as templetes.

Matt Richardson

Home inpector Pro AKA HIP

Aggreed, nothing comes close to InspectorPro.
It is adaptable, and Members share templates to suit your needs.
Hang in with the Professionals, join us with http://www.homeinspectorpro.com/

Check out this video and see how adaptable this software is;

And believe me when I say “Even This Caveman Can Do It”, I did it.
Now if I can do it, everybody can. Support to the software is second to none.
Join the Pro Team in the reporting software of today. Your clients will love it.

Matt, if you are using HIP I have the 4 point in template form that I can give you. The template is Nachi’s report, just in template form, but it is a HIP template file.

Home Inspector Pro :nachi:

Marcel, that is genius! Dominic should get those two Geico Cavemen and a couple of tablet computers and make a commercial!:mrgreen:

I could use a copy…:cool:

Louie, I will email you the .tpz tonight. I will also probably post it on the HIP boards.

That would be good James. :cool::slight_smile: