ac disconnect

My recent home inspection had an ac unit disconnect under a crawl space with a lock on it …( the lock was removed for inspection) is this a proper placement??

The disconnect is required to be accessible and in line-of-sight from the appliance. Being located in the crawlspace, it doesn’t sound like it would meet either of those requirements.

my thoughts as well jeff thanks for your input

Why wouldn’t a disconnect switch in a crawl space be accessible?

Why is’t a GFCI outlet on a ceiling for a garage door opener not accessible?

Because there two separate requirements defined in Article 100, Accessible and Accessible, *Readily *. The GFCI is required to be readily accessible. Accessible by definition has a lesser requirement so the GFCI in the ceiling would be accessible but not readily accessible.

Great info.

So do I read this wrong or has it changed.

That’s not the issue. As Jeff stated, "in line-of-sight from the appliance, is the issue.

I guess it would depend on the crawlspace, but in SoCal, most crawlspaces would not qualify as “accessible” locations…

and CERTAINLY wouldn’t qualify as “readily accessible”