Can a receptacle be located behind an air conditioner?

or anywhere else one wants to put one. If it is a GFCI I would point out that it would be hard to test.

It tested ok. I thought that would be the answer, thanks.

And I would point out also that if it is a GFCI and it is behind an Air Conditioner in a manner that I can’t get to it (for what ever reason) that it is declared not readily accessible then it would need to be protected upstream or with a GFCI Circuit Breaker that was readily accessible…(but that’s in the 2011 NEC…not really something you guys face unless you are doing new construction)

The new (2011) readily accessible requirement for GFCI receptacles will also apply to devices installed for garage door openers in garage ceilings. If the receptacle cannot be reached from the floor without the use of a ladder or some other device then the GFCI protector must be installed elsewhere. I can barely reach the test button from the floor with an 8’ ceiling. IMO anything above 8’ would require a different setup. A short inspector might lower the threshold to 7’. :smiley:

Nice lol

They ruled out short inspectors for the whirlpool tubs too. I guess they got tired of bumping their heads behind the skirting. :wink: