AC, onsite disconnect question

If the AC unit sits this close to the Main electrical panel.
Does that satisfy the onsite disconnect requirement?

Yes, but violates the panel access space.

For both the main panel and the disconnect

From InterNACHI MB or message board David.

[FONT=Univers][size=1]Article 110.26(A)(2) - Specifies that the width of the working
space in front of the electrical equipment shall be the
width of the equipment or 30 in. (762 mm), whichever is
greater. The goal, obviously, is to prevent a worker from
being unduly crowded when testing or maintaining equipment.
The width of the working space is a factor regarding
worker safety. When the possibility exists to encounter live
components, a worker must have adequate room to avoid
contacting grounded components or incurring injury when
[/size][/FONT][FONT=Univers,Bold][size=2]Working Room[/size][/FONT]