AC return and ducting

Hey guy’s, I believe I know the answer to this this but I want to run it past you to verify. The air handler is in the attic, the return is located in the ceiling on the 2nd floor. The ducts from the air handler is fed into the 2nd and 1st floor apartment. The 1st floor apartment is sealed off from the rest of the home.

I believe the basement apartment should have a filter with a return duct. with out that, you are building positive pressure in the apartment and not getting proper air circulation. Is that correct?

Yes, if there is only a single return, the basement is being pumped with air but it cannot escape and return to the suction side of the air handler. It won’t work well to say the least.

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Thank you, that’s what I thought.

Are two apartments allowed to share the same duct system where you are located?

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I don’t believe they are, but since the apartment is in the same house, i would think it’s ok as long as there was a return installed.