AC suction line

Did an inspection and the AC suction line was hot hot hot…what could be the issue here?


A heatpump will have a hot suction line when in heat mode, also if the system has lost most or all of its freon it will run hot. I have seen units that have lost all of the freon and actually run in a vacuum with a very hot suction line.

Possible over-charged system?

Hell no.

There are many possibilities, but not that one.

Was in heat mode.
The thermostat is not sending to the reversing valve.
The solenoid valve coil bad.
The solenoid valve stuck.
Insufficient differential pressure to move the reversing valve.
Defrost controls are defective and are defrosting the unit when not required (all those parts)…
You have the heat mode on, prior to switching to cooling.

Something an HVAC contractor needs to look at…

Did the AC cool when you called for cooling or Heat when called for heating using NORMAL operating controls. If NO to either of these questions…Recommend the HVAC contractor. DO not troubleshoot or ask people who know less than you do.

Just outa curiosity, does freon have a smell to it? If so, does it smell similar to engine oil?

Home also had a strong smell under the refrigerant line through a bulkhead. Line is in contact with spray on insulation on foundation walls. I thought if the line got hot enough and in contact with the insulation it could generate a smell…

It can smell, but could be oil mixed from the compressor . If the is a small leak there that is why you are smelling it. although if it is the liquid line in contact with the sprayed foam it could be that also Any discoloring ?

No discoloring at all… but it definately borders on engine oil and electrical burning smell…

You get a real nasty smell from a burn out ( compressor ) i wondering if there had been a replacement maybe and sloppy installer . If no signs of leakage it is probably the heat from the Liquid line and the sprayed insulation

No smell if all is well.
No smell to the refrigerant, and the oil is some of them most refined oil there is. No stink there either.

What you small is acid in the refrigerant system or coked oil form overheating or contaminates in the system…

Meaning, it’s going to crap out soon.

Meg the compressor windings, do an acid and moisture test and start a clean up sequence if you got the cash to throw around. May make it last a little longer.
May not… if the damage is done.