Low Freon or leakage

Hi all,

I just inspected one house with AC. I turned on the AC and I can feel air coming out from the duct but not cool air. I checked the compressor fan was working fine outside but the suction line was very dry, not sweating at all. I am wondering if the AC had low freon or was freon leakage. How will you tell the client? How do you know if low freon or leakage, will you do leakage test during home inspection?


Only if your trained to do so!
Charley B would be the best at this situation but you do not tell us where you are located to give you help.
BTW what do you mean by compressor fan?
This is not meant to be tried at home and is for information only please.

I would " recommend further evaluation from a licensed HVAC contractor" due to the condition you stated. Did you check the differential from intake against supply air?

If the suction line is dray and it is humid outdoors at the time of inspection, your low on refrigerant.

You can look for oil leaks. Oil leaks out with refrigerant.

Sorry David I would list you also as a Professional in this area.:mrgreen:

I would not try to determine the specific problem if its not cooling as the MFG intended I would just put that in the report and let the contractors determine the problem. A set of bad discharge valves in the compressor will provide you with a warm suction line and no cooling. If your not making the repair why worry about what the problem is and If your the inspector I hope you are not making the repair;-)

The fact that it is likely a repair to the refrigerant circuit, constitutes the issue as “very significant”. Especially now that R-22 is being manipulated by the Feds.

Beats giving the Mech Con. free run of what is wrong.

Ever have your Vet work on the wrong leg of your horse? :wink:

Why put " recommend further evaluation from a licensed HVAC contractor". You have already stated that it is not functioning properly. Put “repair” instead. The contractor will have to make his own evaluation in order to find and fix the problem.