AC Temperature Differential ??

What is the preferred method for determining “temperature differential” of an air conditioning unit? Where would I take measurements and whats the best tool to use? I don’t yet have a laser thermometer.

What kind of thermometer do you have?

Joe, i have an Extech Heat Watch

Probes immediately before and after the coil. I use Delta-Trak because they are fast to stabilize.

Many experienced HVAC guys will tell you not to bother as Delta-T by itself is not an adequate indicator of proper performance.

Interesting Topic

I was taught to measure the temperature differential between the high and low-pressure refrigerant lines. I measure the temperature at the closest and farthest ducts from the unit, as well as the termerature at the return duct. I do this after running the unit for between 5 and 7 minutes. I also make sure there is suction at the return duct. Ither than that, its purely visual, non-invasive observations.

Thanks for the information, gentlemen. The link was particularly helpful. As always,when you need it, NACHI has it, quick. Wally