AC Unit

If an air conditioner is pad mounted but about 2" out of level, does that affect the operation or the efficiency of the unit

Generally speaking… I believe they are allowed to be up to 15 degrees out of level.

15 degrees is quite a slope…the unit would vibrate right off the slab. The mechanical code says “level”, but I would think < 5 degree slope would not pose that much of problem with the refrigerant and compressor.

Agree, but that is what I have read many times over the years. 10 degrees is also a common number that I see referenced.

I simply call them out when obviously out of level (by the eye).

I will see if I can locate where I have read the 15 degree and post it here.

I’ve read a couple of forums where they looked up the installation sheets. One said Carrier allows a 3.8 degree tilt, and GE allows a 5 degree tilt maximum. This is hearsay, but I will stick with the <5 degrees in my verbiage.

The condenser outside unit was not level, this can cause wear and tear on the compressor motor and fan assembly and shorten its life span. The air-conditioning compressor units should be level and elevated above the surrounding soil level.

I believe that ACs should be level when you mount/install them for this will ensure that they work properly and possible issues on the units can be avoided in the future…and I’m a bit OC so I just can’t stand tilted objects :slight_smile:

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I forgot to mention that this was something I learned when a close friend of mine bought an AC unit from I was there during the installation so I was able to ask questions and got some clarifications on the whats and whys of air conditioning unit setup.

Now would you mention where the AC was purchased (and in a different font to boot).

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