Adding a disconnect

In my area, the main disconnect can often be outside. This makes the panel in the garage the sub panel(or other location). Can another disconnect be added at the sub panel to cut the power to the house or would they need a different panel in this case?

I’m looking for answers for my own edification.

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Stephen Rager

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Yes, assuming all other electrical items are correct, another disconnect is ok. But, remember that the feeders, from the service disconnect, remain energized when just the remote distribution panel disconnect breaker is off.

There is no issue having a redundant means of disconnect at a non-service panel.

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Question…does this structure have a FireWall…creating TWO seperate buildings…or is it an over under duplex with no firewall…just a fire rated assembly?


This building had a proper firewall. It was not an over-under duplex.

Just so I know what would be the relevance?

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Stephen Rager

Thank you all for the answers. I have a follow-up question. From a building standpoint. Isn’t this poor design? With the main disconnect being outside. A person, prankster or robber could shut off power from the outside.

Why not provide an interior disconnect to begin with? Most set-ups I see like this the main is locked. From a safety standpoint, you don’t want the fire department using time to cut a lock to access the main shut off?

Shouldn’t they have put one in the sub panel for common sense reasons? More of a best practice or planning.

Service rules require the unused service conductors to be as short as practical. This may require a external disconnect if the service panel is not immediately inside from the meter. Local rules may require the exterior disconnect.

A prankster could still shut off a locked exterior disconnect.

Even if the disconnect was locked in the ON position?

Probably a casual one, but not a determined one with bolt cutters. Locks only keep honest people out.

I agree, if I were nefarious I could walk over to any of my neighbors houses and pull their meter in less than 30 seconds. :smiley: