Adding Inspectors in Florida

Looking for 2-3 Florida Licensed Home Inspectors for expanding company. Will be mostly insurance inspections to start. Roof, 4-Point, Wind Mitigation.

Just what we need :slight_smile: LOL just teasing you are not in my area. Good luck in the summer. Around how many do YOU do per week in the summer?

What will you be charging for the services and what will you be paying. Post and if I have anyone contact me looking for work i’ll send them your way. I get quite a few calls from inspectors looking for more work.

Angela, Florida is a big place. Where are you?

239 West coast across the Alley

That’s my area.

LOL,…maybe you can hire her then, John? :mrgreen: Just havin’ fun…no offense intended.

Maybe , Well see what happens.

No problem well see what happens.

I am in SW Florida - Collier/Lee/Charlotte. Looking to add inspectors in surrounding areas.

They may want to know some more info. :smiley:

I may be wrong, but it sounds like you work for an insurance agency. Cause you definitely do not know how to post an ad.

Or wants to work for the insurance companies. Boss lady does not want to crawl the attics anymore :slight_smile:

Will not get any help like this.

I tried to lead her to water :slight_smile:

We have used for several hires.