Home Inspections?

Do any “licensed” home inspectors in Florida actually to home inspections anymore? It is sad to me that this forum seems to be primarily about insurance inspections and that we (traditional home inspectors) have reduced ourselves to lowly insurance inspectors. I guess I am getting old and as Russell states- “not changing with the times”.

Generally, I believe, most Florida home inspectors have a handle on the basic home inspection business model. What is ever confusing is the changing requirements for the 4-point and wind mit inspections and reports. That is why most of the hype is about insurance issues. Home inspections is my primary business activity and I look at the 4-point and wind mits as ancillary services.

This message board is a wealth of information and a great contact link for home inspectors in Florida.

Just closing out my books and transferring files for the past year and this year has been the best since I have been in business (2004) as a home inspector.


Thank you for posting and letting me know that there are still professional home inspectors out there. I sincerely hope that there are many more like you that are being successful as Professional Home Inspectors and see insurance inspections as ancillary services.

We have seven people that work for our company, so insurance inspection are a significant portion of our sales. I do more home inspections than most home inspectors out there and I personally attend every home inspection. We use a team approach to home inspections. There are plenty of threads here about home inspections but Florida is the section where we discuss the insurance stuff. The insurance stuff has been evolving over the years and that is the reason why it is always a topic of discussion.

I think one reason why home inspectors are slower is because of the insurance inspections. If they did not jump on them, then others(mainly contractors) have taken market share. Just look at the number of active contractors here.

Inspectors need to understand, never leave money on the table. And NEVER ever let someone come to the property behind you to do what you should have done. Never do an insurance inspection wrong, it reflects in your home inspection business. We get referrals all the time after some poor sap does the wind mit improperly.

This is what happens: The insurance agent get an incorrect wind mit, they send it to me with a laugh. We tell them we would be happy to fix it. The agent tells the real estate agent. The agent then schedules or the client schedules. Even if we say nothing or never even see the agent or customer who do you think they refer to next time? The company that fixed the problem. Guess who’s card they all have when we leave?

Seems to me the lowly insurance inspector will take over if the home inspector is not careful. Mainly just because of volume of customer contacts.

We do home inspections in South Florida. Every one requires wind mit, 4pt, and roof cert. Most want estimates for repairs as well. Alot of the old school Inspectors still dont do the insurance inspections, or do them wrong…

My position on this is, I’m a home inspector and only a home inspector. Insurance is only a fill in, I will do them for $200.00 only. I raised my prices from $150.00 - $200.00. Do not have any trouble getting the price. Some time I think these post are from the past the way the changes are continuing to take affect on this subject of insurance inspections. You are letting the insurance companies dictate your prices for you to service them. I can not speak for anyone else, but I put my time and years of experience in my career, to know I’m a professional and do my job the best way I know how, continuing education is the key to success!

Home inspections are very strong for me. I do add the Wind Mitigation or 4 Point as required for the client. This year has been very good for me also. I am considering adding inspectors this year like several of you in order to handle the business for 2012. I look forward to another great year!

Yes, I do and I rarely do insurance inspections if I don’t do the home inspection. I send them “elsewhere”.:wink:

John has a most valid point. I was not too keen on wind mits due to the low price and I basically only did them as add-ons to HI’s or if someone just happened to call. Plus, I was not interested in managing a volume wind mit business (I’m still not). However, I have found that marketing insurance agents for wind mits has led to more customer referrals, additional exterior inspections, roof certs, IAQ inspections and energy inspections. I’ll bet over 50% of the wind mits have revealed leaking ductwork which I point out to the HO - which leads to some level of weatherization inspection. I’m upselling over 50% of the wind mits on the spot. These are inspections I would not have otherwise. It is not unusual for a wind mit to turn into a quick $450 job.

The importance of an insurance agent to the HI is greater every day.

Great business plan and I am glad it works.

It sure is a shame those contractors who wish to do the same thing cannot. They also get called foul names for the thought of it. Hardly seems fair to me.

I am a home inspector and consider every inspection request part of what I do. I have had my best year to date and am sure 2012 will prove better. Home inspection, insurance inspection, wind mit, 4 point, etc… If involves a home or business it’s still an inspection and needs to be done. If you don’t do it, someone else will trust me. As John and others have said, do them and do them right and the work will come period.


I do both. I focus a great deal on insurance inspections. If your accurate and understand the industry, you can do very well.

As was already mentioned, insurance inspecctions have led to many HI referrals.
The best thing an HI can do is bring in a quality wind mitigator, if he’s unsure adout the wind mit. One wrong wind mit will kill your reputation.

We get full home inspection referrals from insurance agents all the time. It only make sense to market both