So I have a ups mailbox, and I have used that address as my address for my LLC with sunbiz, and for my state license. I did that to add another layer to protect my self. But I was curious, while I hope to never be in a lawsuit, I was curious how I would be served if my mailbox is at a ups store where I am not located and can not sign. I am sure if they asked the ups store they would provide my forwarding information, but I was just curious and make sure I am doing the right thing to try and protect myself and my house, and not have the house listed in anything to do with the business.

Sounds like a question for a good attorney. :slight_smile:

Seems like some of the Florida guys have said a residence is protected somehow but I don’t remember the specifics.

Not being critical but you are in-business and when you do that - you are supposed to have a Registered Agent. Usually an attorney can do that. See the Sunbiz website for the very answer you seek. This has nothing to do with creating a corporate veil to shield your personal residence. The SBA has a lot of useful information to keep you versed on some of the nuances of business.


If the claim was worth perusing, they can find anyone. If you have bought anything using your name and had it shipped to your home address or had credit cards or utilities or anything with your name on it delivered to your address…than they will likely find you pretty quickly.

Registered Agent Required in my part of the country.

Steve, when you founded your company, part of the registration asked for an address where you, or your agent, can be reached during regular business hours. If you didn’t provide one it can mean that they don’t have to serve the paperwork and can proceed with any action without serving your company. However if they want to serve you personally it isn’t difficult to find out your personal info. If you really want to add protection, set up a company in a state such as New Mexico, where there are no public records of who owns an LLC, and use that to open a company in Florida! But you still have to have an agent in Florida who can be served during regular business hours. An attorney works best!