Business address?

Hello everyone, I am currently in training and going through the process of becoming a home inspector. I have been searching the forum trying to find answers to this question with no luck. I was wondering what you would want to use as your business address, I see in my area some use P.O boxes, some use there home address. Just looking to see what might be the best option in Florida when forming an LLC. Thank you in advance for any helpful input.

I use a PO Box on all documents and websites… I don’t want a nutjob past clients to know where I live! :smiley:

Google will ding your position on searches if you use a PO address. You need to use your house or a virtual address (Office building).

I have my street address in google, but they give you the option to not show the full address- just the city/state.

Yes and that’s fine but trust me you want Google to have your street address on file (local maps) and at the bottom of your website.

I have been thinking about getting a virtual office but its $70 a month. Is there any where to get it cheaper?

About right Juan. $50 to $100 here.

I guess the main reason I am leaning away from using the home address when I file for the LLC is for legal reason’s to protect my house. I realize that even with a p.o box my house could still be liable but I just want to make the smartest choice.

This is a good question and one that you need to keep in mind for the future of your company.

I recently read some literature on the appropriate way to establish business credit. Once business credit is properly established you are not tied to your personal credit score.

  1. Business Address Do’s and Dont’s
    A business address must be a physical location. while you can use a P.O. box or virtual office, for credit purposes they are not allowed. Creditors want to be able to actually find you.

The best option would be a brick and mortar office. However many of us operate out of our homes. This leads to a residential address for business. There should only be one business listed at a residential address.

When I started I knew I would be moving and I wanted a business address that would last for awhile.
My mother owned property about 25 miles north of me. Her house and her Gargae have 2 separate addresses. I made the garage address my legal business address.
She has since sold the property I changed my business address to my house.

Do not use your home. You don’t want some pissed of seller showing up, and it is better to have the same address consistently for credit. Go get a PO box or UPS mailbox.

IMO if you are worried about some pissed off seller showing up. You should rethink your business and attitude toward the public.

I have a UPS mailbox and love it. Business mail goes there and they sign for packages and letters and you have access after hours. Good investment. I think about $300 a year

I had someone threaten to sue me and faxed a Google street picture of my house once. Very unsettling when my wife works at home and have a teenage daughter.

To get to the top of the search engines the fastest you need to use a virtual office as a few guys here mentioned. Google does ding UPS and PO boxes. As Billy mentioned you need to have your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) on the bottom of your site exactly as you give it to your Google+ Local listings.

Location is important. Our downtown Chicago office is located in the heart of the city. Our Google+ listing was nowhere to be found in the listings until Dom mentioned listing the address on the website. Thanks for the tip Dom.
The downside is the long drive into the city during bad weather. That’s our office in the middle.


If someone wanted to find where you live I am sure they could just google your name and google search will come up with plenty of results and also all someone would need to do is go to the local online county tax property website and type in your name and it will list your address, so while it is an extra layer of idenity protection, my real question is from an asset legal protection form, I do NOT want my house or assets to be involved as best as possible. So while forming an LLC is one way, will using my home address under the LLC take away my rights because its listed as a business address?

A UPS store box is About $50 for 3 months here.

PO boxes and ups store boxes don’t do anything for your business.

I agree that it would be extremely easy to find someone’s physical address if they wanted to sue or harm you. Why go through the bother and expense of trying to hide it?