ADT is our newest Inspector Marketing World Tour Sponsor.

Really sux that the Northern third of the country is being left out in the cold… again!

Notice the only stop in Texas is Dallas? leaves out 9/10’s of the state. Houston or Austin would have made much more sense.

You’d think that if they can go to Singapore, they could make it to friggin’ Minneapolis!

I love his testimonials or how great it was…on a tour that has not started yet!

Been doing success seminars for 6 years. Did 100 cities in one year once.

Its all about the marketing Russ.:wink:

I’ve had schedules where I would answer the phone in the morning thinking it was the hotel’s wake up call, ask them to remind me of what city I’m in… only to realize that I’m at home answering my own phone.

In my time spend with InterNACHI I have seen events all around me.

This will be the first time I can recall of an event in the Heartland and I welcome it.