Inspector Marketing Tour coming to 5 different Florida cities.

See ya there.

Is this the Nathan Thornberry continuing road show?

I will see you in Orlando

I’ll see you in Miami!

I will see you in Singapore…

Um! Miami or Orlando? Two hours up or down? Decisions…

comes down to choice of day of week.

both cities suck to go to.

But, as prev. discussed at length by J Jonas, we will not know what the real local location will be until about a week out.

That makes a huge difference, esp. in Orl which covers a very large area in all directions. could easily add an hour travel time each way.

Hopefully, the organizers are trying to hold these events adjacent to major interstate highways for convenience.

See ya in Jacks on halloween:D

Jay, your should come down to MIAMI & I’ll buy you lunch! =)

Deal, La Carreta? Happy hour at Flannigans? I’ll bring some stoogies.

Jay come down to the dark side :twisted: and I will provide the Stoogies…

Sounds great!

La Carreta, I’m sure there isn’t much Latin restaurants where your at. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jax it is! I guess I’ll have to bring my own stogies. Luckily, my new Churchill Maduros just came in. See you there Bruce!