Advanced Electrical Seminar-Atlanta,GA

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to tell you about a REAL advanced seminar I will be doing for the guys/gals in Atlanta,GA on in March.

I will be covering all the aspects of grounding and bonding, dabble into some advanced electrical concepts and mainly going so indepth into the issues revolving around the misunderstood grounding and bonding issues.

THIS seminar will have action packed video clips, presentations via powerpoint and of course…my DYNAMIC attitude in explaining the differences and helping you understand.

WILL we be talking CODE…YEP…the Atlanta Guys/Gals LOVE CODE and is this class BEYOND the scope of a home inspector…YEP…sure is…

BUT once you leave you will know MORE about grounding and bonding than the typical electrician…I guarantee this…

So look out Atlanta,GA…we are GOING advanced !!!

P.S. For those who come in to reply and CRY about it being code or above the SOP…get over it…I already SAID it is advanced and only for the REAL dedicated HI who wants to know more indepth knowledge.

P.S.S- remember if you are against it…Don’t attend…:slight_smile: