Advanced Electrical

Hey guys does everyone know about this?:smiley: sign up now.

[FONT=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]NACHI Certified Education is coming to:[/FONT]
Atlanta** - March 29th, 2007 - NEW CLASS!**
ADVANCED Electrical Course for Home Inspectors - Instructor, Paul Abernathy, Master Electrician
[FONT=Arial]Dropdead date for this seminar is March 8th, 2007 - a minimum number of registrations must be received by this date or the event will be rescheduled.[/FONT]

**Early Bird Registration Deadline: March **



Hey bruce,

Wish I could tell you more on this but it looks like HI’s are not interested in learning above the SOP and this class would be a primary on Grounding and Bonding and other advanced electrica information and it appears it is of no interest to HI’s in the area.

Wish I could do more but it looks like this one will be dropped from the schedule.

But, but…but


Bruce I really wish I knew fella…trust me but it just appears HI’s are not interested in attending seminars unless they get CE credits nor to learn more information than they basically need…I am finding this out more and more as I travel around.

The only interest seems to be in gaining CE’s and missing the fact that education is for learning. Granted it helps to get CE’s but sad to say less attend for the education factor and more for the credit factor when it pertains to the states.

Every seminar I teach ( of MY material ) are worthy of state CE’s, but I guess it is a matter of submittal and tom is doing a GREAT job in getting those things done…alot of governmental CRAP to deal with.

Anyway…I guess it is in the hands that control it but alas I do not as all I do is try to educate the best i can.

I have the same issue here in VA, my local electrical classes will be CE approved starting in 2008 by the state but as of right now our state does not have CE requirements for Electricians so the turnout is light but once the state requires it…it will fill up. Now I don’t agree with that theory because I know plenty of the guys who attend the classes NEED code refresh when I am doing NEC updates but I really don’t control that either.

All we can do is keep trying…


CE is a business cost as well as personal need.

For example…

To maintain Licensing for myself and each additional Inspector, 32 hours (per Inspector) is needed this calendar year.

Loss of business revenue for those hours is $4950 per Inspector. This does not include the cost of the Continuing Education. For this reason, CE units come first in scheduling and expense. Additional Education is after Licensing requirements are fulfilled and scheduling allows.

Joseph…I am not going to argue here but if HI’s can’t spend $ 125.00 on an 8 hour educational class with a full buffet lunch and based on what i have seen a NEED to really understand one of the most important topics to the profession of Home Inspectors…

To be honest…it is about 1/3rd of the cost of a home inspection to learn the safety aspects of the electrical inspection.

But I understand the CE element and we dont have CE requirements in my state but I take a 60 hour refreser course every 2 years and contantly take classes on other topics to LEARN and I dont get any credits for it as I do it to learn changes, updates and other aspects of the profession.

however I understand fully what you are saying…but i am giving my opinion on it and basically I know some will not agree and I am fine with it.

P.S. My opinions are mine…not directed to anyone, any place or anyone elses thoughts…only mine.

Actually this thread should be in the Education thread area versus here. Again to Bruce…wish I could control it fella but I can’t so hopefully we will bring it to a place near you again some other time.

It does not appear to be cancelled on the site but I expect it will be very shortly.

Contact Tom for any refunds and the possibility of a reschedule.


The course may contain a great deal of information that is truly beneficial.

For myself, as an Employer, the cost is not $125. It is approximately $1450.

That is why courses that are applicable to CE units come first. Courses not appliacble to CEU are generally scheduled in the latter part of the calendar year based upon availability.

I fully understand Joseph…BUT you also have a goo firm understanding of Electrical Issues…While the basic class does go a bit advanced, it is primarily a basic electrical home inspection course that is catered to those who are WEAK on electrical issues and/or new to electrical issues.

So what is the cost of a lawsuit for missing something electrical that is a hazard?

Anyway I fully understand…don’t forget when i do these seminars and they are 3 day events…I loose 5 days of business. Yep, I get paid for 3 days but (2) of those days I travel and earn nothing so we all give a little for education.

Plus in THIS market I am not sure every HI who attends will be losing 1,400+ a day.......your business might and understood but I have been doing this since 1988...I don't buy MOST are losing 1,400+ a day on education.

But alas…points taken.

I was only addressing the response by “Bruce”…to be honest with you if no one attends the seminars i do I am fine with that…I can only teach, i do not play a part in leading them to the water.

I am not on here to be " Holy than Thou" and I am not on here to FIGHT with other electricians…I am here to help and I do seminars to help so in the end as you said it is the choice of the HI and I respect that as I was only giving my views and nothing more.

No need to defend HI’s who wish for CE’s, I understand that issue also my friend…really I do and not discounting it at all but replying to Bruce on possibly why the advanced course will be cancelled is all.


Come on guys we just need another 15 people for this great class:D :smiley: