Advanced Thermal Imaging offers infrared business opportunity for $6,500.

Advanced Thermal Imaging offers infrared business opportunity for $6,500…

…down and $650/month or 25% of each IR inspection whichever is greater.

Anyone know anything about the Mikron M7800 camera?

Someone that knows about IR cameras want to give an opinion?:smiley:

The reason this one cost so much more than the B-cam is it’s resolution.
76,800 vs. 14,400 pixels

It’s a different class of instrument and has uses beyond simple home inspection.

Thanks, Michael. Does the base model (M7815 for $12,000) take a regular digital pic along side the IR image?


M7800 specs (PDF)

M7815 specs (PDF)

I appreciate the help…I’m still trying to decide what to buy, IR camera-wise.:wink:


That was not quite rude enough try this.

Reminds me of some worthless UNION setting on their A**'s trying to make money off of someone elses hard work. Thanks but no Thanks

Guys, I post here like 3 times per yr. But I just log on and here’s this infrared “business opportunity” $6500 plus $650/month? You’ve gotta be kidding me! Thia advanced thermal LLC thing sounds like a scam. I looked at their power point and it looks like the only ones that will be making $$ is them. Beware. I started my IR business 3 yrs ago. It was slow as molasses for the first 1.5 yrs. Now, by word of mouth, some cost effective advertising, and linking up contacts with electricians, builders, contractors and engineers, I am busy enough to make a solid living. I dont do many home inspections unless it’s a newer home. I don’t believe in doing something if you don’t do it regularly. I’m focused on IR consulting. Here’s an idea, if you want to make some money with IR, buy a BCAM (the lowest priced on the market). Send out mailers to all previous inspections and tell them you now offer IR and show what it does. I bet you’ll get enough business in one year the camera will be paid for. Then market wisely and you will succeed. BTW, you have to learn alot about IR, you’ll make a lot of mistakes thinking water is everywhere when it’s cold spots, normal electrical hot spots will look like overloads, etc. Get certified! Good luck! Next order of business is to send this reply to Nick. I can’t believe he endorsed this. And I’m not bad mouthing this IR company for my benefit, they are in GA and I’m in PA. I just know IR and this one smells fishy.-Len

John M
pay attention

Thank you Len; Makes a lot of sense to me; I also am just trying to expand into the IR business and will be damed if I pay someone else to sit on their Butts and collect my money.

In my openion not from this company.
Look around and see what most inspectors on this BB have.
If you want help in the future and you ask on this BB it might be easier if you can talk to some one who has what you have .
The Camera they are selling sounds like it is not to common and too damed expensive.

… Cookie

PS I have just ordered a FLIR
PPS Read post 11 again

Agreed, Cookie…that’s why I posted the info from their Power Point…not what I want.

I’m just trying to learn as much as I can to made a good decision. I’ve talked to several that have them or are buying them. I’m leaning toward the B2 or maybe the BCAM SD.


Great post!!

The “business opportunity” is dubious however the Mikron camera line is a quality product. However, neither the 7800 nor the 7815 is the best choice for home inspectors. The 7800 has a high temp range which is totally overkill for home inspection and the 7815 does not have a visual camera. The proper camera in the current Mikron line for the home inspector is the 7815B. 320x240 pixels and a visual camera integrated. Best price that I know of is here. This is twice the price of a Bcam SD but has 5 times as many pixels and an integrated visual camera.

Also part of what you are paying for in their opportunity is an opinion by a Level III themographer. Supposedly that will reduce your liability. Hmmmmm, that seems of dubious value to me too. He is not going to be there on site to take moisture readings or climb into the attic to verify the image. Verification by secondary observations is key to keeping yourself out of hot water with IR. (no pun intended).

Would have been nice if they spell and grammar checked the powerpoint.

What and have people think they are a great efficient company .
Why spoil the fun I found it to slow in loading from each picture .
Took to long to drag the drape across the screen for me

… Cookie