Advertising etc

Hey Inspectors, I’m just starting out and would like to know the best source of advertising you guys have used to become successful, I currently use home advisor. It’s hit or miss… Anybody know anything about “”. All answers are greatly appreciated.

Contact Ian Robertson an inspector/member.
You will not be disappointed!

Seth, did you try Google?:

Yes, I have looked it up and down but was ultimately wondering if anybody personally has had experience with them, but besides that what other marketing techniques have you used?

Who Marc posted is the best.

Thank you mgoldenberg, I’ve contacted him, does anybody have any other suggestions or strategy’s?


Look into expanding your business with other related services. The inspection field is like a large funnel; in the beginning you are located at the large end of the funnel with lots of choices, home inspections, new construction inspections, municipal inspections and on and on. As your career moves you will find that with your experiences you will focus more on specific types of inspections. Get Code Certified, termite inspector license, environmental, thermal imaging there are many open doors you have to look for them. Be blessed.

Thank you James, that is a great thing to strive for, I appreciate it!! I’m looking into going to a few realtor conferences as well, any insight on that?

If you do not yet have a website, contact Ian at FullViewDigital…The best in the business…