Getting going

Hello I am a new inspector just getting underway and I was wondering if you guys had any tips or marketing ideas you could share with me to get my name out there and start getting some calls
thank you

See the marketing section of this message board. You need to add your location to your heading also. This is a bad time to start a home inspeciton business, as home sales are very slow. Does your state require licensing/testing? This is why it is important to list your location, as this would vary your marketing plan.

Website, website, website… (just to get the list started…)

“come on even I am from canada and I know that the russians will win gold for mens hockey”
1st tip is to cheer for the right team…never admit your home team may lose

seriously though, get out and talk to everyone and drop off your cards to everyone you meet.

plan on making money somewhere else also for the first year at least. Unless you are independantly wealthy, in which case- offer home inpsections until the money runs out.

I am also brand new and plan on starting out part time.
Any one have information on insurance companies that offer per inspection rates?

Thanks, John

peerless has a good deal for inspectors. its about $125 every 3 months i think. I got the info from my instructor when i took the HI course.

Take every education class you can get your hands on, and get a good website going.

Reason(s) for this being at the top of my list, is timing…

We are (hopefully) coming out of Winter, and (hopefully) the market will begin to move again in a month or so…

A new website takes time… time to set it up, but also time when it goes live, for it to produce. A new site could sit in Google’s sandbox for 6 months up to a year!!! Just because you have a live site, doesn’t mean potential clients will find it. Get one going now, so it matures and (hopefully) starts bringing in the clients by this summer.

Contact Dominic at HIP for a site at great pricing, follow all of his tips, and you will have a jumpstart on the game called SEO!!!

He also has the Best and Best Priced Report Software.

thanks guys for the reponses keep them coming I have already been in contact with dominic for a while and he is getting my website going. How about folders for real estate agents I heard it is a good idea I just don’t know what to fill them up with besides my card and brochure any suggestions?

Donuts, and if you go with Dominics report writing system, Condo Bob can give you some tips on how to write soft reports that will have the realtors calling you back for more.

that’s a given lol

Hey Bob Elliot,
I went to your site to check out sample reports…not there.
What software do you use that has realtors coming back for more?

He won’t show you or admit that he even has those reports. He’ll make one up to deceive you. Maybe he should change his name to Conman Bob!:stuck_out_tongue:

condo, reach around, run away, or conman Bob doesnt give reports he just gives a thumbs up or down as he’s leaving the inspection.

A few days ago, “someone” (wink-wink) on another thread accused me of being negative on this MB. This same “someone” (wink-wink) insinuated that only HIP users had the b*lls to have a sample report on their website because the quality of an HIP generated report is the only one worth posting.

Hey, “someone”… aren’t you a HIP user? What’s up with that?

  1. Throw out your TV or shoot it like Elvis did.
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Nick, you forgot #4

I left business cards every where I went and with everyone I met.