Aerial drop wire much smaller than panel wire

I am not sure what the wire gauges are and could not find any markings but I will explain by approximating the thicknesses of the wire found. The diameter of the overhead service wire coming in is approx. 1/4-5/16". It connects to wiring that is much larger in diameter at the mast, perhaps 3/8-7/16" dia. The panel is protected by a 200A main breaker. Seems to me that the 200A breaker would not trip in an overloaded condition and the main wire coming into the house may fail.

I read another thread here but I wanted to be sure this is not a problem.

Jim Port answered you concern in the link you posted

Thanks Michael. Just wanted to be sure this was the consensus.

Yes that service drop may fail if the panel load approached 200 amps. Then the power company (POCO) would come out and install a larger one. :smiley: