Aerobic Septic System Pump Question

I have an aerobic septic system and have noticed lately that the water pressure coming out of the sprinkler heads is very weak. Does this mean that the pump is on its last leg or are there other possibilities. If it is the pump, is this a do it yourself job or would i need to call in a proffessional?
Any comments and advice would be appreciated.


Andy, it depends a lot on what type of anerobic septic system you have. Do you have a lpp system, are you on a dosing system, have there been any major changes in the living conditions of the house (ie, did a teenager move out, did a male teenager get a girlfriend where they start showering, etc)

My knowledge about the septic system is very limited. The house is about 8 years old…we bought it used 2 years ago and this is my first experience with a septic system. I dug around the house for some paperwork, but was unsuccessful. What i can tell you is that there is a holding tank in our backyard with a cover on it. When the water fills up to a certain level a pump comes on and discharges the water through 2 sprinkler heads at the back of our property(it is a 1 acre lot). No life changes recently. I have 3 young kids that use a lot of water for baths, laundry, etc but that has been consistent since we moved into the house.


Based on your original post, I assume that at some point you witnessed the water from the spray heads operating at a ‘normal spray level’… If so, here are some items you can check; 1) Remove the lid from the tank in which the pump is installed, raise the float with a hook and watch for water spray inside the tank. Monitor this until the tank is down to the level that the pump would shut off. If you have a broken or cracked line inside the tank, you may be losing the majority of the pump pressure before the water ever leaves the tank. 2) Something maybe stopping up the intake on the pump 3) The impellers in the pump may be wearing out to the point that they just will no longer put out the original pressure. NOTE: If this was a sudden change, then items 1 or 2 is more likely, if the change was gradual, then item 3 is more likely.


Also check if you have any soft spots in the yard you may also have a broken pipeline.