Septic System Inspection

Just finished my first Septic Inspection and have a few questions. I always thought the scum layer was almost fluid. The tank I just inspected it is about te consistency of quiche and about 4" thick. Is this normal? The inlet does not turn down, does this require repair? There doesn’t seem to be any significant amount of sludge. With this amount of scum is it normal for there to be no sludge?

Is the house occupied or vacant?

Was the tank recently pumped?

If occupied, were you able to get the records from the seller of how often they had the tank pumped?

Did you do a dye test on the system?

You might be in over your head.

Check out these septic videos.

Video 1

Video 2 <—Best video

Randy, did you take the NACHI course for Septic? If so, did you find it sufficient?

I would leave septic to the experts. My guy actually pumps it…save yourself the liability. If you don’t pump it you could be responsible for a very costly replacement or repair. Just my two…hope it helps

To this day I cannot comprehend how anyone can perform a “septic system” inspection without having the tank pumped. I would be like inspecting an electrical panel without taking the cover off.

I just had my tank pumped. I also had a great conversation with the guy that pumped it. It was an educational experience for sure. I agree with Stephen,you can’t “inspect” without pumping. Read this about pumping your septic tank.