AFCI outlet show Open Ground when tested

I use a yellow GFCI tester, IDEAL #61-501, and when I test AFCI protected outlets, they show open ground. Is this normal?

Does the wiring method contain a ground? How old is the wiring?

No, it’s not normal. Does it show that they’re grounded before you test them?

Mr. Port - Yes, it appears to have a ground. See picture. House was built in 2007.
Mr. Pope - If I understand your question, “Does it show that they’re grounded before you test them”, As soon as I plug in the yellow tester, the lights show open ground.

Can’t se the photo. The EGC should have nothing to do with the AFCI circuit. Did you try testing with a regular voltage tester or meter? If so what was the voltage to ground?

Got it. So they are simply “ungrounded” receptacles, they just happen to be AFCI protected outlets.

It sounds like the EGC has been disconnected somewhere within the circuit. If it’s all of the AFCI outlets, then the issue could be at the panel rather than at each receptacle.

Wiring from 2007 should have a means to ground the devices. I agree with Jeff, there is a loose connection somewhere.

Thank you. I believe that the outlets are ungrounded and I remember that I’ve tested other houses with the same tester on AFCI circiuits, and they tested OK.
That answers my question.:smiley: