AFCI Problem

Hi! I have a question-just a few minutes ago, the lights went out in five rooms in my house. I went down to the electrical panel (Cutler-Hammer, 200 Amp service), and discovered that all five AFCI circuit breakers had tripped-at the same time. I was doing absolutely nothing unusual with electricity-it just shut off. I turned it back on after checking all the rooms for any obvious issues, and it has been working the last few minutes. What I find interesting is that ONLY the AFCI breakers tripped. What could cause this?

Is there a storm in the area . Lightning can cause some strange things . Also a car breaking a transmission pole some where can cause a spike in the system’ No Idea just posting my thoughts … Roy

An Arc Fault

What does this mean?

It means he wasn’t operating a circular saw in the bathtub, an electric lawnmower in the bedroom, or creating a Frankenstein girlfriend in the attic!



But all hell broke loose when the kid’s Xbox died! :twisted:

hi i went to an eaton training seminar here in cleveland and they explained some interesting things about their breakers. The afci breakers they make have a self test feature built into them to monitor voltage. They do this so the electronic circuit board does not get destroyed. They told us that if the breaker can “see” a voltage higher that standard 120v variance aka a surge of any type the afci breaker will trip to the off position. When they designed the breaker they inadvertently built low level surge protection into it to protect internal electronics.