Testing an AFCI breaker

I was testing an AFCI breaker today, and the button didn’t work. I pushed it several times, then took out my phone to take a picture, and “click” it tripped. Before it tripped, it was blinking a red light. Is this a faulty breaker?

No one knows. Report exactly what you stated.

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I’m glad I could be the first to answer that one for you Bro. either the breaker is bad or they could have something plugged in one of the bedrooms as simple as a fan causing it.
I would check what’s plugged in and then see if you can turn it back and fourth a couple times and see if it resets.
If not then it’s a bad breaker.

Thanks! The house is vacant. That’s usually the only time I actually test all the AFCI’s

thx, I just wanted to get some input before I report something and look uneducated :slight_smile:

That is always the smartest route to go. Some of us ask questions every day.

Then it was most likely an electrical storm that blew the breaker, it will need to be changed

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Probably faulty, and some breakers give you indications of possible causes:



Thanks Larry! I was trying to Google that before I jumped on here, with out much luck… this is sometimes a much faster way!! :grinning:

Pleasure, Daniel! :smile:

Also forgot to mention that after this, it tripped every time I pressed the test button…

Yep! if it’s not a new build where someone put a nail through it, or a short in something plugged in then it most likely from an electrical storm and has to be replaced.
It did it’s job either way!
If it’s still blinking, but it will reset, then it is just working like a normal breaker with no protection until it can be replaced.

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