Had a AFCI breaker that would not reset. It continued to trip. i referred to a sparky. What could be the cause.

Either an arc fault somewhere (a poor connection) or a faulty breaker

How did you test it, or was it already tripped when you showed up for the inspection?

If you used its internal test button, it’s likey a bad breaker. If it was already tripped, it might just be doing its job. . .

It was already tripped. It was an inventory home from 2007

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An afci breaker also (obviously) works as a regular breaker, so it could be a short circuit.

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And the Netural and Ground touching each other that will useally trip the AFCI breakers but it will do the same thing with GFCI devices as well.

IIRC there were some AFCI breaker were recalled sometime back. I belive if i am right it was disscussed before. not sure but i know the SqD did have one recall on that one for sure but other manufacters i am not sure.]

sometime others event can cause it trip as well i know one example is the exteroir wall like bedroom repectales sometime have a cool air going thru the repectale box and can build up some moisture it can trip this as well it is a possiblty as well ]

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Square D recall was back in 2002 if I recall (shortly after initial AFCI requirement).

There may still be some left on a shelf or truck and slipped in now and then, but I’ve not seen any of the recalled AFCI Square Ds since late 2002 and early 2003.


Nolan K.

The recalled ones were recalled because they didn’t trip

Sounds like a bad breaker… My father had purchased a new house in 2004, and upon testing the AFCI’s some would not reset. Had a sparky change them out, and they were just faulty.