Age for Dunkirk Boiler - Client needs for Insurance

Series: PVW150
Model: 229 962450
SN: 77061350

Full Plate (89863 Bytes)
ECR (Dunkirk) is not being helpful, and I don’t want to “guess”.

I wish I could help. Sorry Mr. Thomas.:frowning:

Very useful plate for my ongoing research since I had no information that Dunkirk had ever manufactured for Sears.

It’s a 1977 furnace. The only thing I don’t know for that specific serial number is whether Dunkirk was using a month system for the third and fourth digits (01-12, in which case it would be June), or whether they were using a week system for the third and fourth digits (01-52, in which case it would be February). That notwithstanding, it is a 1977 furnace. Dunkirk quit manufacturing in 1978, by the way, sometime around June-July.

Dunkirk is still around, as an ECR brand:

I just have not been able to get the date info from them.

I’ll be trying again today.

OK, here’s the story, per Dunkirk tech support:

For all Dunkirk models the week is the first two digits and a year the third and fourth, of the serial number.

“So this unit was manufactured in the 77th week of 2006?”


I eventually ended up providing Dunkirk with a high res photo of the plate , provoking generalized consternation at the other end: the serial numbers is for a steam boiler, but the series and model number are for a water boiler ( which is what this was - and definitely not a conversion).

The best Dunkirk could do was to identify the model as one introduced in the early to mid-1990s. The latest service tag on the unit was dated 2003, and that’s as close as anybody can seem to get to narrowing down the date range unless I go back, take a look, and the gas valve is stamped with a date.

But FWIW Dunkirk swears that it should be ww/yy in the serial number, no exceptions.

Everything I have over the years indicates otherwise. Probably the guy/gal was simply having an off day. But it is useful knowing that the third and fourth digits are the week. Thanks for that little tidbit which I can now add to my Dunkirk file.

Sorry my post was not clear, the format is: