Need age for Dunkirk Boiler

Can anyone help me out with the age of this Dunkirk Boiler. Thanks ! I am thinking eithe 1998 or 2000

Mod# PWB-5D-HA5

Ser# 419800326

I would also guess 1998 (41st week, possibly) but that would be no more than an educated guess since I can’t find ECR (parent co of DUnKirk) on my cheat sheet.

Thanks Joeseph. I was thinking along those lines myself. I’ll keep snoopin around

I would also guess 1998. However, previous information that I have indicates that Dunkirk quit manufacturing (or went out of business) in 1978. What was the ANSI date? Might that 9 be a 7? If not, then I’ll update my records.

I believe Dunkirk boilers are still made, under the parent company ECR International, but still with the Dunkirk name …

You can always contact a manufacturer if you are having trouble dating equipment.


Thank you Mr. O’Connor.

Thank you all. I am waiting for info from ECR International(Dunkirk Division). I’ll let you know what I find out.