Age help Ducane Compress/Condense

Model # AC12B30-A
Serial # 4942100419

Hi Vince

That is around 8 years old (1999-2001)



Thanks Jerry,

How did you come up with that?

Hi Vince, Prestons guide list the year by model # others may be able to be exact by looking at the serial # which is normaly date coded.



April of 1909, 1919, 1929, 1939, 1949, 1959, 1969, 1979, 1989, 1999, 2009, etc.

Oooooops. Probably not 2009.

Most of their stuff uses the first two digits as the month and the last digit of the year. I guess they didn’t have confidence in their equipment making it more than ten years. :eek: Combine that with Gerry’s post, and it looks like April 1999.

It is an 2004, I just called Ducane for one yesterday.
Last 4 digits 0419 , 2004 19th week.

So their newer stuff uses a different method, and Gerry’s Preston’s is also out of date. Thanks, Mark. I’ll add it to my research.

No problem…

Thanks for the help guys…much appreciated

That sounds fine until the one I had today.
Model: AC12B36
Serial Number: 4257300232

So I would guess that it’s the 32nd week of 2002?

DUCANE (10 Digit Number – All numeric with no letters)
Date of Manufacture: The manufacturing date code is the last four digits of an all numeric 10 digit serial number, and represents the Year and Week of manufacture.
For example: 414072 03**28
indicate that the Ducane Unit was manufactured in 28th Week of 2003.
Year of manufacture: 414072 0328. 03
= 2003
Week of manufacture: 414072
0328**. 28** **= 28th Week

**DUCANE **(10 Digit Number – 1st 4 digits are numeric, the 5th digit is alpha, and the last 5 digits are numeric). This is the most recent serial number sequence.
Date of Manufacture: The manufacturing date code is the third, fourth, and fifth digits and represent the Year and Month of manufacture.

To determine month:

A = Jan
B = Feb
C = Mar
D = Apr
E = May
F = Jun
G = Jul
H = Aug
I = Not used
J = Sep
K = Oct
L = Nov
M = Dec[FONT=Verdana][/FONT]

For example: 46 03****M12345 indicate that the Ducane Unit was manufactured in December 2003.
Year of manufacture: 46 03****M12345. 03** = 2003
Month of manufacture: 46
03M**12345. M** **= December