Age of a Utica Gas Boiler?

Hello Everyone… I Inspected a boiler today that I think was from the Mid 80’s? Could any one provide me with a approx year.

Utica Boiler
Model # M100AGB
Serial # AB03306

Help anyone out there…??

I think Utica was using the BLACKHORSE system, but I don’t have a lot of documentation on Utica. The best I can come up with is 1971, 1973, 1981, or 1983.

If I were putting a date in my report, I would put 1981-1983 since you seem to think mid-1980s anyway. What leads you to believe mid-1980s?

Sorry. I never make it to HVAC until late, late or early, early. Hope I could help.

I get january of '85. Up until 2003 Utica useda month/year code. The month was A - L. The year was A + 1984 through Z = 2002 (except for 2000 when they used 9 for units made from jan - aug and X for units made sept - dec). In 2003 they started using a sequential code.
Utica Boilers - 315-797-1310.

Thanks Russel and Bill. What made me think it was early to mid 80’s is the stamp on the data tag that states that it conforms with (code or regs) for 1983. This on water heaters as well and 9 times out of 10 the unit is usually 1-3 yrs older than that stamp! A good way to tell how old water heaters are(if not obvious) also is to look a the silver tab on the Pressure relief valve. The first two digits are usually the Yr.

Thanks again guys…

How about prior to 1983? I did one that had the Model# as J-79 1657.
As these are common in my area I new the Code as described above and when I saw these older ones called them, as in this case, Letter as month and the next two numbers the year. Jan. 1979. Is this correct?

Good tip - I didn’t know that one - Thanks :slight_smile:

However, I regularly find new TPR valves installed, which is good since they do fail, as all valves do. In my neighborhood, TPV valves are usually replaced at the same time that the old rigid copper water pipes are upgraded to copper flex pipes for earthquake purposes.