Age of home considerations:

Age: This may be the single biggest factor when inspecting. Below are some considerations:

  • 1850 Modern foundation techniques began.
  • 1880 Modern framing techniques began.
  • 1920 Cast in place concrete foundations techniques began.
  • 1900-60 Asbestos and lead paint were popular.
  • 1965 and later homes. Less chance of lead paint.
  • 1970 Grounded (three strand) distribution wiring techniques began.
  • 1965-75 Aluminum single strand wiring possible (probable in manufactured housing)
  • 1978 Lead paint and asbestos banned.
  • 1980 Vented attics issues were addressed and installed in new housing. (minimizes chances of moisture/mold issues)
  • 1986 Lead solder banned (minimizes chances of lead in drinking water)
    *]1986(?) Thermal-pane windows came on the scene.

Thanks for the list John.

I built a home in 1979 in Minnesota with thermal pane windows(Anderson). They were very common at that time for new construction.:slight_smile:

Is the list you provided from a particular source?

Nice contribution John. Thanks.

/same here. I first used thermalpane windows in 1976.
I do price inspections based on age of house as well as square footage.

What about diagonal sub-floor boards - 60’s?

[quote=dhelm…I do price inspections based on age of house as well as square footage.[/quote]

I have most often been inspecting houses that are less than ten years old in this fast growth area but have noticed it takes a fair amount of addtional time and care to inspect an older property.

I haven’t charged more for older housing yet but am considering it. Can you offer any advice on upcharges based on age?

How about:

1990 lumber saving practices started


My 1903 farmhouse in Wisconsin has original diagonal sub-floor boards…

I guess exceptions exist for every rule?

My basic rate covers up to 49 years old. I add up charges for each decade over that (50 to 59, etc.) Oldest house I have done is 105 years. Likely one of the first built in this area that was not a log cabin. I do many in the 50 to 90 year category. Crawlspaces in some of these can be an adventure.

That’s what makes this profession interesting :smiley:

Michael: I charge 300.00 + GST for 1500 sq. ft. or less (probably about 90% my business) but I do charge for extra sq. ft. and an additional 60.00 +GST for homes built before 1950. I call it a “Character Home Charge”. I charge this because it does take longer to do a thorough job on these home that were built before codes and municipal inspectors were implemented.

Thanks David and Darrell. You’ve given me something to think about for future inspections. None of us want to leave any money on the table so to speak.:smiley: