Age of Lennox A/C unit

Hello Everyone, I have a serial # from a lennox HVAC unit, could someone give me a definite on the yr. I am pretty sure Its 1998, but just wanted to run it by you guys. The unit looked 21 yrs old but all my charts say 12.

Model # HS27-030-1P
Serial # 5898F 06044

Thanks in advance…



June, 1998.

**Lennox **

Serial Number format: 5896A 36571
(This serial number is from an actual furnace unit transcribed during a home inspection).

Using the third, fourth and fifth digits of the serial number 5896A 36571you will find the year and month of manufacture. The third and fourth digits are the year and the fifth digit is the month expressed in letter format. This unit was manufactured in January, 1996.

Year of manufacture: 5896A 36571
Month of manufacture: 5896A 36571
Use the following chart to determine month.

*A = January *

*B = February *

*C = March *

*D = April *

*E = May *

*F = June *

*G = July *

*H = August *

*“I” was not used. *

*J = September *

*K = October *

*L = November *

*M = December *

Thanks Buck and Larry…!

Yep - 1998.

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